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The Thunder Show

The Thunder Show

Wine news, tastings and reviews from the Wine Library with host Gary Vaynerchuk.

Jets Uncorked Tasting Season 1, Episode 877

Yes, this is for real Gary Vaynerchuk travels to the new stadium to taste the new Jets Uncorked wine with the winemaker and Napa legend, ...

Tasting The Sopranos Wine, Part 1 Season 1, Episode 875

Gary Vaynerchuk meets with Vincent Pastore and Mark Gonsalves, where they try out some of the new Sopranos white wines

Head to Head Merlot Blind Tasting Season 1, Episode 874

Gary Vaynerchuk continues the blind tasting theme and tries out two Merlots with some interesting results.

Head to Head Grenache Blind Tasting Season 1, Episode 873

Gary Vaynerchuk sheds a little more light on an under appreciated grape- Grenache. He tastes these 2 Grenache wines blind and picks a ...

Head to Head Chardonnay Blind Tasting Season 1, Episode 872

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 2 Chardonnays blind and gives you his unbiased opinions.

A Thinking Man’s Wines- Cru Beaujolais and Pinot Noir Tasting Season 1, Episode 871

Gary Vaynerchuk and Chris Craig of The Toiler Paper blog taste through 2 different wines, a Cru Beaujolais and a Pinot Noir.

Head to Head- Cult Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Season 1, Episode 870

Gary Vaynerchuk takes two culty Sauvignon Blancs to the test and see if they live up to the hype. Plus, Gary talks about the big party at ...

Laid Back Friday with a Friend and a 1991 Port Season 1, Episode 869

Gary Vaynerchuk chills this Friday before the long weekend with good friend of the show, Colin Devroe, who works at Viddler. They share a ...

Tasting California Wines with a Longtime Vayniac Season 1, Episode 868

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with a long time fan of the show, Glen DiGirolamo aka WineCrazy to taste through some high end California reds.

Interesting Italian Wine Tasting with a Guest Season 1, Episode 867

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes with Michael Malanga, who used the examples of Crush It to get on WLTV. They taste two esoteric Italian wines, one ...

Expanding Palates with Greek Wines Season 1, Episode 866

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 3 different Greek wines with Markus Stolz, a Greek wine insider and talk about the wine scene in Greece.

Tasting C.G. Di Arie Wines Season 1, Episode 863

Gary Vaynerchuk interviews Chaim Gur-Arieh, the creator of Capt Crunch Cereal, to taste through his wines from C.G. Di Arie Winery.