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National Geographic Animals

National Geographic Animals

Wildlife videos from National Geographic.

The Vultures This Man Loves May Soon Disappear (Clip) Season -1

Recently, two products that contain the drug diclofenac were legalized, which has inadvertently killed a drastic amount of vultures in a ...

This Deadly-Looking Leopard Is Actually Fun to Photograph (Clip) Season -1

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter comes face-to-face with a family of leopards as part of his work to help protect these ...

Giant Ball of Squid Mucus Discovered by Divers (Clip)

Scuba divers recently encountered a mass of clear goo containing millions of eggs, likely laid by a red flying squid. These egg masses are ...

Taxidermy Brought to Life in Amazing Photos (Clip)

Robert Clark's taxidermy photos offer a remarkable look at preserved animals and shed light on the changing role of taxidermy in the modern ...

Why Elephants May Go Extinct in Your Lifetime (Clip)

Nearly a hundred elephants are slaughtered each day, mostly for their ivory tusks. This killing of elephants could wipe them out within a ...

POV: Why Are Leopard Seals Eating Fur Seal Pups? (Clip)

Leopard seals attack fur seal pups and battle one another for food in this never before seen footage. Newly observed behaviors like ...

How Freaky, Prehistoric Fish Got Trapped in a Fence (Clip)

After massive flooding in the Dallas, Texas, National Geographic explorer Andrs Ruzo discovered gar that had become trapped in fences in ...

Human-Looking Faces On Animal Bodies: Taxidermy As Art (Clip)

Brooklyn-based artist Kate Clark uses clay to sculpt human faces onto traditional taxidermy forms, covering the human features with the ...

How Crazy Ants Carry Heavy Loads (Clip)

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have shown that when longhorn crazy ants follow a strategy of scout-leader and ...

Storks and Their Babies Make a Comeback in France (Clip)

In the Alsace region of France during the 1960s, the stork and its own babies were nearly wiped out by pesticides and development. Thanks ...

Epic Octopus Fight Caught On Video (Clip)

Octopus behavior shot off of southeastern Australia. Video courtesy Peter Godfrey-Smith, City University of New York and University of ...

Divers Fight the Invasive Lionfish (Clip)

The lionfish is invading Florida's coastal waters, harming native wildlife and habitat. This invasive species has venomous spines, no ...