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Mike Myers

Mike Myers is an internet entertainment network with video content for all types of subjects.

LED Light Strips and the Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 44 -

As Christmas is coming near and the time for lights for the holidays are coming close. We look at how to control an entire 50ft roll of the ...

Remembering Arduino Settings By Using The EEPROM - Let's Make It - Episode 43 -

This week we show you how to store data in the Arduino EEPROM so that it is available after the Arduino loses power and restarts. We show ...

Countdown Timer With An Arduino - Lets Make It - Episode 42

This week we create a countdown timer that can control a relay. The time is entered via a keypad and an LCD display is used for feedback ...

Arduino Adventures and Surface Mount Soldering - Let's Make It - Episode 37 - -

This week we take a look at a book specifically written to teach kids the Arduino. The book is called the Arduino Adventures. We look at a ...

PC Boards With Fritzing - Let's Make It - Episode 28 -

This week we show you a cool free program that allows you to create a quick circuit design with either a schematic or breadboard design. ...

Sensor Fun With Arduino: 1 Massive Failure, but 4 Successes - Let's Make It - Episode 6

This week on Let's Make It we have some sensor fun. We play with 5 different sensors connected to the arduino. And you get to watch as we ...

Multiplexing with 14-segment display - Let's Make It - Episode 29

This week we go through multiplexing. Bob gives us a presentation that he gave last weekend on how multiplexing works and how to use an ...

LCD Thermostat - Let's Make It - Episode 25

This week we show you how to read a temperature sensor then we build a Thermostat that monitors the temperature and turns on the AC, Heat ...

7 Segment Displays With An Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 22 -

This week we take a look at using a shift register to control a single 7 Segment Display then we take a look at the Maxim 7219 chip that is ...

LED Arrays - Let's Make It - Episode 24

This week we talk about how to use the feature packed shift register we used on the multiple 7 segment displays 2 weeks to control an LED ...

More Shift Registers - Let's Make It - Episode 18

This week we expand on shift registers from last week and add another chip to demonstrate how you can daisy chain them to control more ...

One And A Half Failures - Let's Make It - Episode 19

This week mike takes a look at some viewer requests. One a complete failure and the other may be working, but if it is working it is weird. ...