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Alan Teitel

Alan Teitel

UltraSlo is the most popular slow motion video site on the web, world wide. We have started production for the new season Of slow motion ...

A Fast Turkey stuffing in slow motion

This is the fastest turkey stuffing in the country. Guess how we did it and put your answers in the comments. Please don't forget to ...

Halloween Pumpkin smash in slow motion

This clip was shot just before we shut the studio down for the SuperStorm Sandy. We lost the part of the roof and a lot of gear. It took 4 ...

Technology Update with Time Lapse and Slow motion

Welcome to a short technology update from UltraSlo. I am showing off our new prototype mini high speed camera. I will be using it on a ...

New York and Trade center night time lapse

This clip is a time lapse shot from my new 3D lenticular print camera system. A small side benefit of the system is that I can shoot ...

Time Lapse boats and clouds as summer draws to an end

As the summer draws to an end I shot this little timelapse clip showing the clouds build and the boats scurrying around on the last summer ...

Slow motion Birds in flight

As a pilot I love flight. As a slow motion cinematographer I love anything that moves fast. So anything that flies and moves fast works for ...

Slow motion salute to the PowerHour

I watched the PowerHour today and loved it so I pulled a few clips that I thought you might get a bang out of. So Here is a fun clip

Slow motion Orange Squeeze

Slow motion makes everything more special including playing with your food. Here we squeeze an orange and see how sexy the juice is when it ...

Slow motion water Macro drops and bucket dumps

The compulsive observer strikes again. This clip you can see the texture in the water macro shots and then when the water is dumped on the ...

Slow Motion and a water ripper

slow motion and water is always awesome to watch. Wet balls dropped into a water tank are interesting in UltraSlo slow motion. I have fun ...

Slow motion Bumble Bee flight

This is one of my favorite bee shots. You can watch the way the feet move against the movement of the wings. I am working on a new bee ...

Call Me! Exploding Nokia in slow motion

This is an exploding Nokia cell phone in slow motion. Slow motion makes everything look awesome. It will be available on soon ...