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David Picard

David Picard

Dave's Detours is a blog/video blog site where I, Dave, travel around the country interviewing anyone from the hometown legend, athletes, ...

I interviewed Coach Bowden, god of football, on a rainy day.

I was not going to let a rainstorm interrupt the interview I had been looking forward to for weeks. I talked to the legendary coach Bobby ...

I Danced with the Florida State Golden Girls - Awesome!

My cameraman thought it would be hilarious if he got me a dance outfit and had me practice with the FSU Dance team. The things I'll do for ...

I interviewed Chris Weinke, Heismann Trophy winner

This guy's great. We talked about College Football teams and how they compare to teams in the NFL, a few guys he respects a great deal and ...

Dave Trains for a 50-cent rematch

The Football trainers at Clemson State helped me get into shape and gave me some pointers for my next arm wrestling match with 50 cent. I'm ...

Sweet Tailgaters with The Coolest Scooter + Cooler Ever

I ran into some Tailgaters at Clemson before a game and finds that they've created a rockin' dual-purpose Cooler + Scooter. I drove it ...

Dave Shows Off Drunken Math Skills

After a winning night at the casino, Dave is counting his winnings....very poorly.

I like to go balls to the wall.

I found a funny sign. I disobeyed instructions on sign. I humped a building. I love being easily amused. Check out more of my blogs that ...

Dave's First Beer Pong game at the Gridiron Tour.

I found out the hard way that Ive lost my touch with drinking games. Hopefully by the end of the Gridiron tour, Ill be back on my A-game

I got owned by Tyra Turner. It was awesome.

I dig Tyra Turner, professional volleyball player. Pun intended. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is one heck of a volleyball player. ...

Who knew banging drums & wild monkey screams was exercise?

I think I might be a little out of shape cause between the drum banging, pelvic thrust moves and wild monkey screams I barely kept up with ...

The Famous Bush Man tries to make people wet themselves

I took a visit down to Fishermans Wharf in hopes of finding the world famous Bush Man. I found him, and let me say, dude is crazy

Making people comfortable in New York City

I went to New York City to where I interviewed some characters downtown. Check out the hotdog guy, he was crazy fast.