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Blue Steel

 Horror & Thriller | Action
 R (USA)
 Kathryn Bigelow
 Louise Fletcher, Ron Silver, Clancy Brown (Nick Mann), Jamie Lee Curtis, Elizabeth Peña, Mike Starr, Mary Mara, Richard Jenkins, Kevin Dunn, Tom Sizemore (Wool Cap), Philip Bosco, Mike Hodge
 102 min
Blue Steel is a 1990 action thriller film, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ron Silver and Clancy Brown.

Megan Is Shot

Blue Steel 1989 - Megan Is Shot - Megan Jamie Lee Curtis and Eugene Ron Silver engage in a shoot out in the subway.

The Final Showdown

Blue Steel 1989 - The Final Showdown - Eugene Ron Silver is shot and killed during his final showdown with Megan Jamie Lee Curtis.

Hitting the Bottom

Blue Steel 1989 - Hitting the Bottom - Eugene Ron Silver tries to ambush Megan Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Clancy Brown.

If it Happens Again...

Blue Steel 1989 - If it Happens Again... - Megan Jamie Lee Curtis arrests her father Philip Bosco when she finds out that he has beaten her ...

Two Halves of One Person

Blue Steel 1989 - Two Halves of One Person - Megan Jamie Lee Curtis has a disturbing epiphany about Eugene Ron Silver, pulls a gun on him, ...

Hearing Voices

Blue Steel 1989 - Hearing Voices - While working out and watching the news in his home, Eugene Ron Silver tries fighting off the voices he ...

Why Would You Want to Become a Cop?

Blue Steel 1989 - Why Would You Want to Become a Cop - Howard Matt Craven is instantly attracted to Megan Jamie Lee Curtis at a party, but ...

Gun Practice

Blue Steel 1989 - Gun Practice - Eugene Ron Silver practices some shooting and intimidation moves in the mirror.

Megan Gets Grilled

Blue Steel 1989 - Megan Gets Grilled - After telling an inappropriate joke, Nick Clancy Brown grills Megan Jamie Lee Curtis about a recent ...

Awkward Family Dinner

Blue Steel 1989 - Awkward Family Dinner - A family dinner becomes even more uncomfortable when Megan Jamie Lee Curtis expresses her hurt ...

Training Exercise

Blue Steel 1989 - Training Exercise - Megan Jamie Lee Curtis makes a wrong move during her training exercise.