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 Horror & Thriller | Action
 Richard T. Heffron
 Yul Brynner (The Gunslinger), Blythe Danner, Peter Fonda (Chuck Browning), Stuart Margolin, Arthur Hill, Allen Ludden, John P. Ryan, Robert O. Cornthwaite, Darrell Larson
 107 min
Futureworld is a 1976 sequel to the 1973 science fiction film Westworld. It was written by George Schenk and Mayo Simon, and directed by Richard T. Heffron. The cast included Peter Fonda, Blythe Danner, and Arthur Hill. There is also cameo appearance by Yul Brynner in a dream sequence. This would prove to be Brynner's last film appearance.citation needed Other than Brynner, none of the cast members from the original film appear in this one. The film attempted to take the plot in a different ...

Dueling Himself

Futureworld 1976 - Dueling Himself - Dueling with his robotic doppelgnger, Chuck Peter Fonda tries to lure it into a trap.

The Master Plan Revealed

Futureworld 1976 - The Master Plan Revealed - Holding Chuck Peter Fonda at gunpoint, Dr. Duffy Arthur Hill reveals the master plan behind ...

They've All Been Replaced!

Futureworld 1976 - They've All Been Replaced - Chuck Peter Fonda and Tracy Blythe Danner discover that the scientists at Futureworld have ...

The Gunslinger Returns

Futureworld 1976 - The Gunslinger Returns - Tracy Blythe Danner dreams of a daring rescue by, and a torrid affair with, the Gunslinger Yul ...

Escaping Delos

Futureworld 1976 - Escaping Delos - Chuck Peter Fonda and Tracy Blythe Danner trick Dr. Schneider John P. Ryan and escape.

Tracy's Brain Images

Futureworld 1976 - Tracy's Brain Images - Tracy Blythe Danner has her brain images recorded while Chuck Peter Fonda and Duffy Arthur Hill ...

Seducing "Steven"

Futureworld 1976 - Seducing 'Steven' - Hoping to make a point, Tracy Blythe Danner tries to seduce a robot technician, Steven Mike Scott, ...

Experiencing Futureworld

Futureworld 1976 - Experiencing Futureworld - Chuck Peter Fonda and Tracy Blythe Danner walk through Futureworld and do a little ...

Are You Gonna Do It?

Futureworld 1976 - Are You Gonna Do It - Ron Jim Antonio asks Tracy Blythe Danner if she plans on having sex with a robot.

Calling a Truce

Futureworld 1976 - Calling a Truce - Chuck Peter Fonda tries to make a truce with Tracy Blyte Danner, while also hitting on her.

Discussing the Malfunctions

Futureworld 1976 - Discussing the Malfunctions - Duffy Arthur Hill explains to the media how the robots malfunctioned at Westworld and the ...