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 R (USA)
 Kasia Adamik
 Lisa Kudrow (Darla), Lee Tergesen, Aimee Graham, Wade Williams, Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio, Scott Wilson, Mary Jo Deschanel, Heather Morgan, Hank Azaria (Sam)
 99 min
Bark is a 2002 film written by Heather Morgan, directed by Kasia Adamik the daughter of director Agnieszka Holland and starring Morgan, Lee Tergesen, and Lisa Kudrow. The film debuted at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize. The 'extremely low-budget' film, which had its origins in a 90- comedy sketch, is about Lucy, a professional dogwalker played by Morgan, who gradually assumes the identity of a dog. Tergesen plays Peter, her embarrassed husband, and ...

Eviction Notice

Bark 2002 - Eviction Notice - Peter Lee Tergesen loses it when Tom Wade Williams gives him his eviction notice.

You Think You're a Good Kisser?

Bark 2002 - You Think You're a Good Kisser - Darla Lisa Kudrow and Sam Hank Azaria bicker about their kiss a week prior.

I'm Terrible

Bark 2002 - I'm Terrible - Darla Lisa Kudrow asks Malcolm Vincent D8217Onofrio for some advice after she sleeps with Peter Lee Tergesen.

Psychiatric Resident

Bark 2002 - Psychiatric Resident - Malcolm Vincent D8217Onofrio visits Peter Lee Tergesen after getting fired from his practice at the ...

Biting Mother, Barking Sister

Bark 2002 - Biting Mother, Barking Sister - Lucy8217s Heather Morgan eccentric family visits her in her moment of need.

I'm Just Your Vet

Bark 2002 - I'm Just Your Vet - Darla Lisa Kudrow freaks out and maces Peter Lee Tergesen when he approaches her.

Pathological Grief Reaction

Bark 2002 - Pathological Grief Reaction - Peter Lee Tergesen recalls a psychotic episode with his wife Heather Morgan.

I Need to See a Doctor

Bark 2002 - I Need to See a Doctor - Peter Lee Tergesen meets Malcolm Vincent D8217Onofrio while seeking a doctor for his wife.

Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Dog?

Bark 2002 - Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Dog - Peter Lee Tergesen tries to ask Darla Lisa Kudrow about his wife8217s situation, but it ...