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She's The One

 R (USA)
 Edward Burns
 Edward Burns (Mickey Fitzpatrick), Jennifer Aniston (Renee Donati Fitzpatrick), Cameron Diaz (Heather), Leslie Mann (Connie), Maxine Bahns (Hope), Amanda Peet (Molly), John Mahoney (Mr. Fitzpatrick), Mike McGlone (Francis Fitzpatrick), Malachy McCourt (Tom), Anita Gillette (Carol), Robert Weil (Mr. Deluca), Tom Tammi (Father John), Ron Farrell (Scott), Frank Vincent (Ron)
 96 min
She's the One is a 1996 comedy-drama film, and the feature film to be written and directed by New York actor and director Edward Burns. It stars Burns, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz, and it marks one of Tom Petty's rare stabs at writing a movie soundtrack.

One Step at a Time

She's the One 1996 - One Step at a Time - Mickey Edward Burns decides to leave for Paris with Hope Maxine Bahns, only to find that his dad ...

Will You Come Home?

She's the One 1996 - Will You Come Home - Heather Cameron Diaz leaves Francis Mike McGlone for her older lover, and Renee Jennifer Aniston ...

One Punch Mickey

She's the One 1996 - One Punch Mickey - Francis Mike McGlone tells Mickey Edward Burns that he8217s been having an affair with Heather, his ...

What Does That Make Me?

She's the One 1996 - What Does That Make Me - Francis Mike McGlone tells Renee Jennifer Aniston that he8217s in love with another woman and ...

Honor Code Between Siblings

She's the One 1996 - Honor Code Between Siblings - Francis Mike McGlone, Renee Jennifer Aniston and Molly Amanda Peet discuss the ...

Bad Break-Up

She's the One 1996 - Bad Break-Up - Mickey Edward Burns gets his old television from ex-girlfriend Heather Cameron Diaz, who questions his ...

Not Better, Just Different

She's the One 1996 - Not Better, Just Different - Francis Mike McGlone continues his affair with Heather Cameron Diaz and is upset to learn ...

Wake Up That Libido

She's the One 1996 - Wake Up That Libido - Renee Jennifer Aniston threatens to use a vibrator when Francis Mike McGlone is reluctant to ...

The Fighting Fitzpatricks

She's the One 1996 - The Fighting Fitzpatricks - Mickey Edward Burns and Francis Mike McGlone go fishing with their dad John Mahoney, who ...