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American Pie

 R (USA)
 Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz
 Jason Biggs (Jim Levenstein), Seann William Scott (Steve Stifler), Shannon Elizabeth (Nadia), Eugene Levy (Mr. Levenstein), John Cho (John), Tara Reid (Victoria "Vicky" Lathum), Natasha Lyonne (Jessica), Chris Klein (Chris Ostreicher), Jennifer Coolidge (Stiffler's Mom), Mena Suvari (Heather), Alyson Hannigan (Michelle Flaherty), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Paul Finch), Thomas Ian Nicholas (Kevin Myers), Tara Subkoff, Chris Weitz, Casey Affleck (Tom Myers), Lawrence Pressman (Coach Marshall), Chris Owen (Chuck Sherman), Eric Lively (Albert), Molly Cheek (Jim's Mom), Travis Barker (Garage Band Member), Tom DeLonge (Garage Band Member)
 95 min
American Pie is a 1999 teen comedy film written by Adam Herz. American Pie was the directorial film debut of brothers Paul and Chris Weitz, and the first film in the American Pie film series. The film was a box-office hit and spawned two direct sequels American Pie 2 2001 and American Wedding 2003. The film concentrates on four boys who make a pact to lose their virginity before their high school graduation. The title is borrowed from the folk song of the same name and refers to a scene in the ...

Stifler's Mom

American Pie 1999 - Stifler's Mom - Straying from the party, Finch Eddie Kaye Thomas runs into Stifler8217s sultry mother Jennifer Coolidge.

Sherman Wets Himself

American Pie 1999 - Sherman Wets Himself - Sherman Chris Owen gets publicly outed at Prom as a virgin and a liar, and wets himself in front ...

Finch Has Diarrhea

American Pie 1999 - Finch Has Diarrhea - Stifler Seann William Scott gives Finch Eddie Kaye Thomas some laxative, which creates an ...

One Time at Band Camp

American Pie 1999 - One Time at Band Camp - Jim Jason Biggs asks Michelle Alyson Hannigan to Prom as she spouts stories about Band Camp.

Nadia on the Web Cam

American Pie 1999 - Nadia on the Web Cam - Jim Jason Biggs sets up a web cam so he and his buddies can watch sexy Nadia Shannon Elizabeth ...

Jim Wants a Partner

American Pie 1999 - Jim Wants a Partner - Jim8217s dad Eugene Levy has a frank talk with Jim Jason Biggs about masturbation.

Warm Apple Pie

American Pie 1999 - Warm Apple Pie - Jim Jason Biggs has sex with his mom8217s freshly made apple pie and is caught by his dad Eugene Levy.

Sex-Educated By Dad

American Pie 1999 - Sex-Educated By Dad - Jim8217s dad Eugene Levy makes a visit to Jim8217s Jason Biggs room to share a sex ed lesson and ...

Masters of Our Sexual Destiny

American Pie 1999 - Masters of Our Sexual Destiny - The guys make a pact to get laid before they graduate high school.

Wild Thing

American Pie 1999 - Wild Thing - The guys are astonished when even Sherman Chris Owen got to do the wild thing 8220all night long.8221

Suck Me, Beautiful

American Pie 1999 - Suck Me, Beautiful - Oz Chris Klein, in an attempt to put the moves on a college girl Tara Subkoff delivers the line, ...

Tube Sock

American Pie 1999 - Tube Sock - When his mom walks in on him masturbating, Jim Jason Biggs tries unsuccessfully to cover it up.