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Agent Cody Banks

 Adventure | Action | Comedy | Horror & Thriller
 Harald Zwart
 Frankie Muniz (Cody Banks), Hilary Duff (Natalie Connors), Angie Harmon (Ronica Miles), Keith David (CIA Director), Ian McShane (Brinkman), Arnold Vosloo (Molay), Cynthia Stevenson (Mrs. Banks), Darrell Hammond (Earl), Daniel Roebuck (Mr. Banks), Martin Donovan (Dr. Connors), Benjamin Ratner (McAllister), Connor Widdows (Alex Banks)
 102 min
Agent Cody Banks is an American action comedy film directed by Harald Zwart. Its story follows the adventures of the 15-year-old title character, played by Frankie Muniz, who has to finish his chores, avoid getting grounded, and save the world by going undercover for the CIA as a James Bond type superspy. Hilary Duff, Angie Harmon, Keith David, Ian McShane, and Arnold Vosloo co-star. The film was filmed in British Columbia. It was released in the United States on March1, 2002 This film was the ...

What's Going On?

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - What's Going On - Cody Frankie Muniz comes to save Natalie Hilary Duff, but she refuses to go anywhere until she ...

Diner Brawl

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - Diner Brawl - Natalie Hilary Duff and Cody Frankie Muniz are enjoying their date together when Molay Arnold Vosloo ...

Quite a Ladykiller

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - Quite a Ladykiller - The Director of the CIA Keith David introduces Cody Banks Frankie Muniz as his agent of choice ...

Walking on the Ceiling

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - Walking on the Ceiling - In order to avoid security lasers, Cody Frankie Muniz uses a special contraption to walk ...

A Good Third Impression

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - A Good Third Impression - Cody Frankie Muniz finally makes a good impression on Natalie Hilary Duff, and gets ...

Cody and Ronica Fight

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - Cody and Ronica Fight - During a training fight between Cody Frankie Muniz and Ronica Angie Harmon, she grills him ...

Cody Embarrasses Himself

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - Cody Embarrasses Himself - In an attempt to get to know Natalie Hilary Duff, Cody Frankie Muniz makes a fool out of ...

Cody Gets Revenge

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - Cody Gets Revenge - When a bully Noel Fisher picks on Cody Frankie Muniz and takes his watch, Cody finds a clever ...

Cody Gets Spy Gadgets

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - Cody Gets Spy Gadgets - A wide-eyed Cody Frankie Muniz gets his first tour through the spy gadget laboratory.

The Creepy CIA

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - The Creepy CIA - Cody Frankie Muniz is freaked out when he discovers that his first CIA assignment is to get close ...

Cody Saves a Toddler

Agent Cody Banks 2003 - Cody Saves a Toddler - Cody Frankie Muniz uses his very special skills to save a toddler who is driving a car.