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City Slickers

City Slickers is a 1991 American comedy film directed by Ron Underwood and starring Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby, Helen Slater and Jack Palance. Palance won an Academy Award for his performance. The film is 73 on Bravo's '100 Funniest Movies' and number 86 on AFI's 100 Years... 100 Laughs it is notable for frequently interrupting its story with humorous musings on various contemporary topics. The film's plot inexperienced cowboys battling villains as they press on with their cattle ...

City Slickers - Trailer #1

City Slickers 1991 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Ron Underwood and starring Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby, Jack Palance, Noble ...

He's Behind Me, Isn't He?

City Slickers 1991 - He's Behind Me, Isn't He - Mitch Billy Crystal gossips to his fellow ranchers about crazy old Curly Jack Palance who, ...

Best Day/Worst Day

City Slickers 1991 - Best Day/Worst Day - The city slickers bond when they reminisce about the best and worst days of their lives.

I Hate Bullies

City Slickers 1991 - I Hate Bullies - When T.R. Dean Hallo and Jeff Kyle Secor instigate a quarrel, Phil Daniel Stern steps in and puts ...

Curly Passes On

City Slickers 1991 - Curly Passes On - Just when Mitch Billy Crystal was getting to know Curly Jack Palance better, he passes away, leaving ...

The Secret of Life

City Slickers 1991 - The Secret of Life - Curly Jack Palance tells Mitch Billy Crystal that the secret to life is 8220one thing.8221 What ...

The Toughest Man Ever

City Slickers 1991 - The Toughest Man Ever - When Mitch Billy Crystal stands up to T.R. Dean Hallo, Curly Jack Palance rides up and sets ...

Arriving at the Ranch

City Slickers 1991 - Arriving at the Ranch - Mitch Billy Crystal, Phil Daniel Stern and Ed Bruno Kirby arrive at the ranch and get ...

Phil's "Surprise" Ruins the Party

City Slickers 1991 - Phil's 'Surprise' Ruins the Party - When Nancy Yeardley Smith surprises Phil Daniel Stern with news that she8217s ...

The Facts of Life

City Slickers 1991 - The Facts of Life - Mitch Billy Crystal tells his son8217s class to enjoy their childhood because it8217s all downhill ...

Bump on the Rump

City Slickers 1991 - Bump on the Rump - After Mitch Billy Crystal gets stuck in the butt by a bull in Pamplona, he has to fly home with a ...