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Advertising Age

Advertising Age

More than a game, the Super Bowl is a cultural event, an American spectacle and a showcase for some of the best ads on TV. Here are ...

The Art of the Super Bowl Ad: Interview With Director Joe Pytka (Clip) Season 2012

Joe Pytka has directed some of the most memorable Super Bowl ads in history, including ads starring Madonna and Ray Charles for Pepsi and ...

The Art of the Super Bowl Ad: a Conversation With Director Bryan Buckley (Clip) Season 2012

Bryan Buckley has directed 42 Super Bowl ads since 1999, including two of the top-10 for FedEx and

The Story Behind '1984': a Conversation With Steve Jobs' Ad Man Lee Clow (Clip) Season 2012

Lee Clow, Chairman of TBWA Worldwide and Steve Jobs' longtime partner, talks about launching Apple's Macintosh.

Volkswagen: Big Day (Clip) Season 2011

In another example of Super Bowl storytelling, the camera closes in on the frustration of a tuxedoed man, sweating with frustration and ...

Tide: Interview (Clip) Season 2007

Ever feel like that stain on your shirt might be a bit distracting Tide hilariously reminded us that it may be even more distracting than ...

FedEx: Jenkins (Clip) Season 2004

Alien imposter Jenkins may not have much to say, but his limited vocabulary goes a long way.

FedEx: Desert Island (Clip) Season 2003

If youve seen the 2000 Tom Hanks classic Castaway, then you, too, probably wondered what was in the one package his character didnt open ...

Reebok: Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (Clip) Season 2003

You think your boss is tough Reebok showed us what might happen if your manager were actually a policy-obsessed linebacker with a no-BS ...

Budweiser: Instant Replay (Clip) Season 2003

This ad finds Budweisers traditional Clydesdale mascots in frustrating a situation any Super Bowl player or fan can relate to. Bonus points ...

Budweiser: Clydesdales (9/11 Tribute) (Clip) Season 2002

The brewer's iconic team of horses journeys to the Hudson River, where they bow in deference to a city that had been struck by the 9/11 ...

Pepsi Generations (Clip) Season 2002

Britney Spears plays a plausible Pepsi pinup girl for any generation.