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Guys Who Date Older Women

A young gent in search of a stable soulmate wants to know whether it's 'weird' for guys to date cougars, er, older women.

Can Social Networking Lead to Love?

Social networking has become a required tool for anyone looking to get a job or advance in a career these days but can building an online ...

Should I Date My Best Friend?

Your best friend is well, the BEST That's why it's totally normal to wonder if maybe the two of you would be good together as even more ...

Maya Ezratti Gives the Do's and Do Not's of Valentine's Day

Relationship expert Maya Ezratti says do not fret on Valentine's Day if you are single, she's got the do's and don'ts for couples.

What Men Find Most Attractive in a Woman

We went to the Wildfox Model Beach Volleyball Tournament in Miami and spoke with male models about what they find most attractive in a ...

9 Types of Women on Valentine's Day

Ladies, there's a good chance we've all been different Valentine's versions of ourselves. Which type are you this year

More Couples Hitting the Gym for Date Night

Punching bags Not the typical sounds you hear on date night, but this boxing club is where active date nights are encouraged.

The State of Love and Sex in Single America

02/12/14, the world's largest dating site, has released it's annual Singles in America survey.'s Helen Fisher and Justin Garcia ...

Street Survey: The Best and Worst of Dating

Katilette, Carliestylez, and HeyKayli hit the streets to ask people what they think about dating.

Online Dating Coach Shares Tips

BBC News hears from an entrepreneur who helps people take a more business-like approach to their online dating profile.

Short Men Vs. Tall Women

In a world of gendered preferences for shorter women and taller men, who has it worse short men or tall women

Do Musicians Have a Dating Advantage?

How people in the South deal with snowy weather...differently.