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Everything You Wanted to Know About Photoshop Guides

If you're trying to lay out an image precisely in Photoshop, Guides are your go-to tool. In this video we'll go over all the little tips ...

Lightroom Tutorials: The Key Difference Between Cloning and Healing

With the increasing power of the healing tools in Photoshop and Lightroom, questions about whether to use the cloning or healing tools in ...

Lightroom Tutorials: Editing a Beach Photo

Matt takes a photo from start to finish, taking a raw file with no adjustments and showing all of the typical changes and enhancements he ...

Photoshop Tutorials: Stitching and Cleaning Up Panoramas

Panoramas AKA Panos look awesome. They really make a great impact, and they're easy to photograph. But sometimes, unless we have one of ...

Photoshop Tutorials: Adding Contrast and Clarity

If you like contrasty, gritty looks in your photos, you're going to love what the Clarity slider can do. But this tip isn't just about ...

How to Make Your Photoshop Text Look More Professional

Making your type look professional is probably the single most important thing youll do other than actually choosing the right words for ...

How to Sample Photoshop Colors From Anywhere on Your Desktop

If you're a designer, chances are you're pulling colors from different images, websites and just about anywhere when designing your images. ...

The Most Powerful Button In Lightroom

Yep. I said it. The most powerful button in Lightroom. Its simple. Its easy. And its actually right in front of you. When you see what it ...

Creating a Single Photo Composite in Photoshop

When we think of composites, we usually think of combining a bunch of different photos. But you'd be amazed at the killer designs you can ...

Photo Restoration Tips and Tricks

Photo restorations can be some of the most rewarding projects, as you can have the ability to bring back people's memories of great times ...

Colorization and Restoration of a Damaged Photo Timelapse

Taking a step back in time, watch as old pictures are restored.

The Retouching Power of the Photoshop's Patch Tool

The Patch tool has long been one of my favorite retouching tools in Photoshop. It works when no other tool does the trick. Over the years ...