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Maken-Ki Battling Venus

Maken-Ki Battling Venus

Takeru is a new student at the Tenbi Academy, a school where Elemental magic and powerful weapons called 'Makens' are used in student ...

(Sub) And So, Toward Makenki (Full Episode)

Someone's broken into the principal's room in search of files that could put the whole school at risk. In order to track down the culprit, ...

(Sub) You Are More Manly Than Roses (Full Episode)

The Leadership Committee president falls for a dashing boy. One problem he's actually Azuki dressed in guys' clothing Rather than come ...

(Sub) Academy Harem (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 8

When the principal at Tenbi gets fed up with the school, she does the only logical thing and puts one of the male students in charge. ...

(Sub) His Name Is Rudolf! (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 7

Kodama goes underwear shopping, but ends up blowing all her money on an adorable fluffy teddy bear Naturally, though, the bear ends up ...

(Sub) Villainous Leadership Committee (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 6

In order to prove herself worthy of joining the Leadership Committee, Uruchi must complete a series of complicated trials - which somehow ...

(Sub) Begging Teacher (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 5

Aki, the buxom school nurse, needs someone to pretend to be her boyfriend - so who better than Takeru, one of her students When the two ...

Man (heart) Cos (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 4

When the school holds a manga festival, a couple of hornballs use Maken to shrink the costumes right off the curvy contestants in the ...

(Sub) Meowken-ki? (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 3

When Inaho brings her pet to school, the kitten displays an amazing Element power - and turns the girls of Makenki into sexy human-feline ...

(Sub) I Love Takeru-kun! (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 2

A graduate of the academy returns and uses her clothes-shredding powers to steal Haruko's memories and Maken The security team tries ...

(Sub) Magical Security Organization (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 1

Hijinks and wardrobe malfunctions abound at Tenbi Academy as Takeru and the rest of the school's security force try to track down a perv ...

(Sub) Protectors of Paradise (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 12

Kamigari kidnaps Haruko as part of an incomprehensible evil scheme concerning Takeru's untapped powers. When things backfire and Takeru ...

(Sub) Macaron Limited-Time Only Service Day (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 11

Takeru gets a Maken The secret history of Makenki A dangerous new threat But most important, the girls of the Security Committee don their ...