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Pure Nature

Pure Nature

Journey into the remote, unspoiled regions of the planet and experience nature at its wildest. Within these forgotten paradises are stories ...

Yukon Adventure (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 24

The Yukon is a river that runs over 3000 kilometers through North Canada and Alaska. Andreas Kieling sets out to explore this legendary ...

The Pantanal: the Jaguar's Last Sanctuary (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 22

The Pantanal is much like the Amazon except it is much better protected due to its small size. Come view close ups of exotic animals, ...

Naughty by Nature (Sex in the Jungle) (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 15

The animal kingdom is a rich blend of curious creatures that don't seem to have any morals or self-respect when it comes to the mating ...

Tarsier Primate: the Littlest Alien (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 14

Huge, lustrous eyes glisten in the moonlight. Long fingers cling to branches. A strange squeal pierces the forest. This is the mysterious ...

Tigers Fighting Back (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 13

Over the last century, tiger populations in Asia have plummeted by 95, leaving fewer than 7,000. Sadly, that number continues to fall. ...

Tiger Sharks and Sea Turtles in Nature's Warzone (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 12

Raine Island is a harsh cradle for new life for thousands of Pacific green turtles that come to nest each year. Waiting for them is one of ...

Bali: Coral Reef Reborn (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 11

A deadly mix of cyanide and explosives has devastated Bali's coral reefs. In this hopeful story, marine scientists work with the Balinese ...

Mutation: The Science of Survival (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 10

Whether its a Siamese turtle or a two headed rat snake called Golden Girls, mutants both intrigue and repulse us. Genetic scientists are ...

Wild Horses Return to China (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 9

After many decades, the wild horses of West China return to their ancestral home range.

Wild Iran (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 19

Wildlife photographer Benny Rebel returns to his native Iran to document its little-known wilderness and extraordinary collection of plants ...

Green (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 7

Her name is Green, a female orangutan displaced by deforestation and alone in a world that doesn't belong to her. This powerful film about ...

Are Elephants Headed Toward Extinction? (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 5

The ancestors of elephants have been on this planet for millions of years, but cohabitation with humans is proving more and more difficult. ...