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Mahri Best

Mahri Best

We Have All Had Enough

to view the embedded video. With all the tumult in the world around us, many of us are feeling our energy fractured. We may be feeling ...

Is It Not Pathetic?

to view the embedded video. Sometimes I feel that I am being herded like a little lamb simply following the gang and not even thinking ...

The Resistance Factor

to view the embedded video.I know we would be amazed if we truly realized the power our individual energy brings to the world. If we were ...

No Guns – Just Love

to view the embedded video. During a conversation, with a new, teacher friend of mine, I found a chill running through me as a result of ...

The Underlying Fear

to view the embedded video. Today an ugly truth reared its head. For several years now Ive known what I wanted for my life and I have been ...

Promises Broken

to view the embedded video. I recently ran into a couple from New Jersey that were planning to move here to Delaware. The wife, had taken a ...

The Power is Within

to view the embedded video. After watching a program on television recently, I found myself deeply affected by its content. Not having had ...

In Only a Fleeting Moment

to view the embedded video. Recently I have been thinking a lot about an old friend of mine. Each time I thought about calling her it just ...

And Life Goes On

to view the embedded video.Do you ever just want to strangle that person in your life who is irritating the poop out of you Or when that ...

Let Compassion Rule

to view the embedded video.When the haunting news reels, taken in Arizona recently, showed up on my screen, I couldn8217t help but notice ...

Shift the Statistics

to view the embedded video.Recently I was privy to a conversation that involved a young girl, only 16 years old, who was pregnant and ...

A Direct Correlation

to view the embedded video.There is no doubt that I am affected by all that I see and I hear. And mostly that is good. However, if I dont ...