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The Audacity to Podcast - A "how-to" podcast about podcasting and using Audacity

The Audacity To Podcast - A "how-to" Podcast About Podcasting And ...

Learn about podcasting, Audacity, audio-editing, and WordPress. Podcasting is a exciting and personal way to share your message with ...

Should your podcast be audio, or video? – TAP163

Whether you're a new or experienced podcaster, you may face the decision of whether to be in audio or video podcasting. Here are the pros ...

What to do when your podcast makes money – TAP162

You've finally started making money podcasting Now you must decide how to handle that income. Here are ten tips for what to do with podcast ...

11 web pages your podcast needs and how to create them – TAP161

Your podcast website should house more than just your episode archive. Here are eleven pages to make your website better for you, your ...

How to start a podcast in 10 steps – TAP160

Back to basics This isn't a detailed process for how to edit episodes, setup your website, or get into iTunes. These are the core 10 ...

Should you cover the same niche as someone else? – TAP159

It's great to be the first person in a niche. But don't be discouraged if you're not. Consider the following seven points to help you ...

5 ways to overcome a podcast failure – TAP158

Don't get discouraged when something goes terribly wrong and you're ashamed to release something you've recorded. Try these five tips for ...

Should you podcast while sick? – TAP157

Sickness hits almost everyone at some point. Consider these five questions before you press record. Remember that I can8217t give medical ...

Your Podcasting Successes in 2013 and Goals for 2014 – TAP156

Recorded live from New Media Expo 2014, today8217s episode talks about a lot of feedbacks from the Podcasters themselves about their ...

Top 10 podcasting news highlights from 2013 – TAP155

Podcasting continues to grow and 2013 is no exception. Here is a 2013 podcasting year in review. Sponsored by watch life ...

5 timeless reasons to start podcasting NOW – TAP154

Learn timeless ideas to help you launch your podcast today, with some bonus tips on why you should launch before the year is over.Related ...

9 ways to take podcasting seriously – TAP153

Being serious and professional about your podcast will help you get sponsors and make money, grow your audience, and strengthen your ...

7 ways to make podcasting fun – TAP152

Whether you're on the edge of podfading, or you just want some more excitement in your podcast, injecting some fun can help reignite the ...