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Gareth Jones On Speed

Gareth Jones On Speed

THE podcast for petrol-heads, by Gareth Jones of ITV1's Speed Sunday amp How2, and A1GP pit lane reporter and his F1 and car-mad mate Zog. ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #190 for 15 January 2013

190 The 2013 Autosport International at the NEC in Birmingham, from Karts to Monster Trucks and everything in-between, including some ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #189 for 21 December 2012

198 Bumper Speedmas Special. Our final F1 2012 season round up, plus our best and worst cars and car moments of the year. Sniff Petrol on ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #188 for 25 November 2012

188 We list the things that drive us mad, when were . driving. Gareth spends a week in a low-carbon Citroen DS5 Hybrid4, and we look at the ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #187 for 14 November 2012

187 We have 3 cars on our minds, but what are they F1 returns to the US, but has it gone to the right part Who to bet on winning the F1 ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #186 for 02 November 2012

186 Richards dog chooses a car, Zog mixes up a chemical solution and Gareth investigates Bloodhound SSCs attempt to reach 1000mph on land. ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #185 for 12 October 2012

185 Musical Chairs in F1. Lewis leaves McLaren is he doing the right thing Romain Grosjean is he dangerous Michael Schumacher retires. Who ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #184 for 08 October 2012

184 Le Mondial de l'automobile de Paris Part Deux. Gareth and Richard ogle the Lexus LF-CC, mock the SsangYong e-XIV and Rodius fondle the ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #183 for 03 October September 2012

183 Le Mondial de l'automobile de Paris. Gareth and Richard climb the stands at the show and pick out a few favourites including electric ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #182 for 19 September 2012

182 Spa with AMG Pt2. Continuing our coverage of the Belgian Grand Prix. Stunning recordings of sound of the cars at race pace and through ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #181 for 12 September 2012

181 Spa with AMG. Gareth and a some lucky car journalists drive to the Belgian Grand Prix in a squadron of AMGs. With Jonny Smith from 5th ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #180 for 31 August July 2012

180 Cars we have driven and cars we would like Zogs plans for an electric sports car. Richard, having driven a Ferrari re-calibrates his ...

Gareth Jones On Speed #179 for 17 August July 2012

179 Interviews Special. Gareth talks fame with Senna's greatest rival Terry Fullerton, and Le Mans with Car Magazine's Tim Pollard, ...