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MicrobeWorld's Meet the Scientist Podcast

MicrobeWorld's Meet The Scientist Podcast

At Meet the Scientist, we want to reveal more about scientists, the work they do, and what makes them tick. We will ask them what they are ...

MTS64 - Martin Blaser - Save Our Endangered Germs

In this podcast, I speak to Martin Blaser, Frederick H. King Professor of Internal Medicine and Chairman of the Department of Medicine and ...

MTS63 - Jeff Gralnick - I Sing the Microbe Electric

All life hums with electricity, from our heartbeats to the electrons that flow to the oxygen we breathe.But some bacteria are electricians ...

MTS62 - Jessica Green - The Living Air

In this podcast I talk to Jessica Green of the University of Oregon about aerobiology the science of life in the air. We live in an ...

MTS61 - Charles Bamforth - Beer: Eight thousand years of biotechnology (39.5 min.)

In this podcast, I talk to Charles Bamforth of the University of California, Davis, about the surprisingly complex chemistry of beer, and ...

MTS60 - Thomas Scott - The Bone-Breaking Virus (29.5 min.)

In this podcast I talk to Thomas Scott of the University of California, Davis, about dengue fever, a disease that's on the rise. Spread by ...

MTS59 - Charles Ofria - Digital Life

In this podcast I talk to Charles Ofria, a computer scientist at Michigan State University. Ofria and his colleagues have created a ...

MTS58 - David Baker - Crowdsourcing Biology

In this podcast I spoke to David Baker, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Washington. Baker and his colleagues study how ...

MTS57 - Forest Rohwer - Curing the Corals

It never occurred to me that the human body and a coral reef have a lot in common--until I spoke to Forest Rohwer for this podcast. Rohwer ...

MTS56 - Susan Golden - Clocks for Life

In this podcast, I talk to Susan Golden, the co-director of the Center for Chronobiology at the University of California at San Diego.We ...

MTS55 - Nancy Moran - The Incredible Shrinking Microbe

How many genes can a species lose and still stay alive It turns out, bacteria can lose just about all of themIn this podcast, I talk to ...