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5min Business: Recently Added

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How Would You Grade Obama on the Economy

As President Obama prepares to begin the half of his term, he continues to battle a weak economy. Jill Schlesinger headed to New York ...

Dow Closes Low on Disappointing Profit Reports

Stocks pulled back after a string of disappointing profit reports. Plus Consumer confidence is at its highest point in eight months.

Daniel Kessler on Healthcare's Original Sin

David Brady and Daniel Kessler combine the insights of a political scientist with those of an economist and offer unique observations into ...

How the US Government Coerces Seniors into Medicare

Supporters claim a new 'government option' would compete on a level playing field with private health insurance. But a new lawsuit belies ...

Verizon Wireless to Start Selling iPhone

The wireless carrier will start selling Apple's popular mobile device on February 10. Plus MySpace officially announced it's slashing half ...

Kiplinger's Economic Forecasts for 2011

Knight Kiplinger reveals The Kiplinger Letter's economic and political forecasts for 2011.

Intel's Kevin Sellers on Tech Consumers

Intel's Kevin Sellers shares his thoughts on the state of the global consumer, the tablet market, corporate spending and more.

Portugal Finance Minister Says We Don't Need Aid

The country's debt problems have spooked investors and caused the country's borrowing costs to soar. Plus Verizon expected to announce ...

Motorola's Greg Brown Is Optimistic on Job Growth

Greg Brown, president and CEO of Motorola Solutions, spoke with Katie Couric on how his meeting with President Obama can help spur job ...

Blue Shield Hikes Health Insurance in California

There is outrage over a new hike for Blue Shield of California insurance customers, who may have to pay as much as 59 more each month for ...

Good News for the Economy

Nope, it's not your imagination says Eric Schurenberg the economy does show real signs of improvement. He explains what this means for your ...

What a Recovery in 2011 Means for Dividend Stocks

Morningstar's Josh Peters looks at how dividend stocks may perform in 2011 and offers up one of his favorite stock picks for the new year.