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All Jupiter Broadcasting Shows

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Huntington's & Heart Disease Treatment | SciByte 59

We take a look at Possible Treatment for Huntingtons disease, Heart Disease Treatment, Male Contraceptive, pythons, Kennedy Space Center, ...

Outrageous Fortune | CR 11

As Yoda would say Always in motion the future is. Change is a fact of life and a fact of software development. Its great to be the one ...

Making Unity Useable | LAS | s23e03

Our top 10 tips to turn Unity into a great desktop After years of rage, the crew of The Linux Action Show has grown to find a new respect, ...

Privatized Domestic Spying | Unfilter 14

Its been called the law enforcement tool of the new century, today we look into these massively interconnected surveillance systems, where ...

Server Puppeteering | TechSNAP 71

Rumor has it the playstation network has been hacked again, but weve got the real story. Blizzard suffered a nasty database breach, and it ...

Linux Action Faux | FauxShow 103

Angela and Chris do a LAS style FauxShow about Linux from a new user perspective, cover the top voted stories from the LAS subreddit, and ...

Future Olympic Tech & Fast Cheetahs | SciByte 58

We take a look at the possibilities for future Olympic technology, land speed records not at the olympics, discoveries from Flickr, ...

Yes Virginia, Worse is Better | CR 10

As much as we might like to have different fully native applications for every platform we target that can be more than a little ...

Best of BASH Scripts | LAS | s23e02

We bring on Michael Dominick from Coder Radio and we go through some of the best Bash scripts sent in to the show Then we put them up to a ...

Keeping You Distracted | Unfilter 13

We look at the tricks and distractions the campaigns and media use to keep the public focused on their pet topics.In ACT 1 We unfilter ...

Not So Secret Answers | TechSNAP 70

A Gawker Reporters entire online presence is hacked, and all his devices wiped. Well walk you through the details of this attack, and why ...

Dream Job Awards | FauxShow 102

Angela and Chris share the dream jobs of FauxShow viewers From space, to gaming, and some downright silly ones.