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Ask The Techies (iPod -Smaller Version)

Ask The Techies (iPod -Smaller Version)

Videos explaining the latest in cool technology from Photoshop to iPods. We specialize in multimedia and although we use Macs mostly, we do ...

Overlaying Images Over Google Maps & Satellite Images Using Google Earth: Ep. 150

D.Lee shows how to overlay an image onto Google Maps using Google Earth. For an example, he shows how to overlay a neighborhood plat map ...

Measuring Distances with Google Earth: Ep. 149

How far is it D.Lee Beard shows how Google Earth can measure the distance between two objects and a distance with multiple turning points ...

Viewing Cities in 3-D Using Google Earth: Ep. 148

Want to know how to view maps in 3-D In this episode, D.Lee explains how to view buildings and even trees overlaid on maps with Google ...

Google Earth Intro & Viewing Historical Maps & Aerial Photos Ep. 147

D.Lee Beard presents a basic introductory tutorial in how to use the Google Earth application which is available for Mac OS X and Windows. ...

Checking Road Traffic Conditions: Ep. 146

D.Lee Beard explains how you can check road traffic using Google Maps in a web browser and on the Apple iPad. Use this tip to avoid ...

Free Music Sites to Use as Soundtracks: Ep. 145

D.Lee Beard reviews several websites that offer free music that can be used in other creative projects such as soundtracks for videos you ...

Creating Time Lapse Videos and Converting for PowerPoint Ep.144

D.Lee Beard answers a viewer question about converting videos for PowerPoint using iSkysoft's Video Converter. He also shows a free way to ...

Free Phone Calls This Holiday Season w/Google Voice: Ep. 143

Click her to download and play Episode 143Watch and learn how to make free phone calls within the USA and Canada via your Google account ...

Exploring Interactive Books on iPad with PopOut! Peter Rabbit: Ep. 142

to Download and PlayD.Lee Beard explores the interactive features and educational potential of the PopOut Peter Rabbit book and the what ...

Cases for iPads, iPhones & even Kindles: Episode 141

to Play Episode 141D.Lee Beard review the ZeroChroma cases for the iPad and iPhone cases also available for Kindle. ZeroChroma cases are a ...

iOS 4.2 Find an iPad if Lost: Episode 140

to Play Episode 140D.Lee Beard demonstrates how to use the new 'Find my iPad' feature in iOS 4.2 including setting up a free MobileMe ...

iOS 4.2 AirPrint and AirPlay on the iPad: Episode 139

to Play Episode 139D.Lee Beard briefly discusses the new AirPlay and AirPrint features of the iOS 4.2 operating system for Apple's mobile ...