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Cullinane & Green Report

Cullinane & Green Report

In the Cullinane amp Green report, Joe Cullinane, Roger Green and their guests dispense savvy, no-nonsense info and advice on the latest ...

Conversation with Charlene Li - AlwaysOn Summit 2007

Cullinane Green Report regulars will enjoy this podcast as an update to last year's report from the AlwaysOn Innovation Summit at Stanford ...

Conversation with Bill McDermott

Bill McDermott is the President CEO of SAP Americas Asia Pacific Japan and a Corporate Officer of SAP AG, the largest business software ...

Conversation with Bobby Yazdani

On this podcast, Joe and Roger are delighted to have a conversation with Bobby Yazdani, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Saba, ...

Conversation with Jack Trout

Jack Trout has been instrumental in developing the vital approach to marketing known as positioning, Jack is responsible for some of the ...

EDGIE Award Presentation to Philip Rosedale

In this episode of the Cullinane Green report we're making history by presenting the very first Cullinane Green EDGIE award to Philip ...

Conversation with Mark Minevich

'Global Mark', as friends know him, could be described as a global change agent and visionary with one of the most influential ...

Conversations with Jeff Huber and Bill Coughran

Anyone who uses a computer knows about Google and what a great tool it is. But very few know about the people behind the scenes the ...

AlwaysOn Summit 2006 - Conversations with Gil Penchina and Kate Edwards

Earlier this year, Joe and I had the privilege of attending Tony Perkins' renowned AlwaysOn Innovation Summit at Stanford University in San ...

Interview with Irv Rein

Our special guest on this edition of the Cullinane Green Report is Irv Rein, Ph.D. -- an internationally known expert in public ...

EdgeViews - Interview with Tim Draper

In this segment of EdgeViews we interview legendary venture capitalist Tim Draper, of Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson. Tim was named to Forbes' ...

Interview with Marissa Mayer

Spurred on by the fascinating podcast with Vint Cerf, Roger recently had the pleasure of spending a day at the Googleplex --- Google's ...