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Anne Murray - You Needed Me

Dedicated to my beloved Eduardo... I love you, Edward. I love you so very much, and that is no April Fool joke. From where you are, honey, ...

edarem ejvmev - Edward Muscare Sept 27, 1932 - January 8, 2012

RIP my beloved. You will forever have my heart. You always have. I will be with you again, and I will say once more to your precious face ...

edarem ejvmev - Requested Update On Ed

12/12/11 I forgot to mention, Edward can only talk in a whisper now. FYI The opening tune is the theme from Papillon a movie about ...

edarem ejvmev - Prison Hospital

I visited Edward today. He didn't look very good. He's lost so much weight since March. He didn't have any to lose even then. He's not ...

edarem ejvmev - Moving To Florida Night 5

Thank God we made it safely. Thank you for all of your prayers. I know Ed has been worried. He told his friend he is looking forward to ...

edarem ejvmev - Moving To Florida Night 4

Finally on the hallowed soil of Florida Two days behind schedule, but at least we're here. Is this strange or what... The EXACT moment we ...

edarem ejvmev - Moving To Florida Night 3

Stopping again just north of Atlanta. I don't do night driving well.

edarem ejvmev - Moving To Florida Night 2

Didn't make it to the Love's in Nashville I was trying for. Turning in at a Pilot in Paducah KY. Not much parking here. Some driver just ...

edarem ejvmev - Moving To Florida Night 1

Turning in at a Love's Truck Stop. Please continue to pray for us. I am exhausted. I'm sure the van is too. Note the Hardee's. We ate there ...

edarem ejvmev - Trip To Florida Has Commenced

God willing, I will be with Ed this time next week. Please pray our way down. I am really worried about the stress on the van. Pray for us. ...

edarem emvjev - Art Sketches On eBay #22-28

11/06/11 or Ed asked that I open a joint eBay account for us. It's called 'edarem.ejvmev'. That's where everything ...

edarem ejvmev - Van Update

In case you wanted to know...